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I had a long day at work. Mindless typing, mindless phone calls. All to get home from my full time job, and sit down in my small New York apartment.

I had just sat down at my table when I hear rather loud knocking. I groaned and walked over to the door.

Nobody was there to answer me. Instead, on the my Welcome mat, sat a packet of Oreos. I knelt down and picked it up. I looked around, but only to thank the empty hallway.

I walked inside and looked at the package. Should I eat it? The whole package? Surely it was a god send. I was craving Oreos all week. So I sat it down on my kitchen table and opened it. Inside, three rows of beautiful crispy cookies. I reached for one and slowly pulled it out. I couldn't resist.

I woke up two days later, in Jail after busting into an Oreo factory.

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Comment by Emma Barratt (spozwarrior) on January 5, 2016 at 5:22am

*Claps slowly* Work of art, mate.

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