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I'm the type of guy who likes to read books. Unfortuneatly, I'm the type that reads the book really slow. Now, I'm not talking about reading the pages slow. I'm talking about reading the entire book and taking it slow overall. So I'm wondering, is it bad to take it slow with a book or novel?

Here are a list of books I have started reading, but I took a long break from them and I just don't get the motivation to finish reading them or reading it more. The list is: The Way Of Shadows, The Stand, Salem's Lot, Percy Jackson's The Lightning Thief, The Gunslinger, Diablo Archive, Memoirs Of A Geisha, and the last Scott Pilgrim book. I'm halfway done Percy Jackson, reading the start of The Stand, and 1/3 of the way in Way Of Shadows. I haven't read Way Of Shadows in months and I really want to finish it, although I take it slow. Like, I read one chapter, and then leave it alone for a few months.

So, is it bad to take it slow when reading a book? What do you think? Give me your honest opinions and maybe I'll write another blog after this.

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Comment by WaltJRimmer(undeadgrifoncharger) on December 7, 2010 at 10:04pm
Hmm... This is something that I've actually addressed before. It's not a bad thing to take things slow with a book, it may allow you to take different looks and interpretations of the material. There is one problem, though. If you pick one up, read a couple of chapters, drop it for a month or two and then pick it up where you left off, there's almost assuredly something that you've forgotten, some important details. You may not be lost, but you may have to keep referring to what you've already read. Now, this is a general suggestion, but everyone is different. One thing is how good your memory is. A normal person, reads a book through, start to finish without much time in between. A person with bad memory might read a chapter or two, then reread those chapters and add two. Read the first four chapter, add two. And so on until the book is done. And then people with really good memories have no trouble doing what you're talking about, dropping a book and just coming back later. Really, it depends on you if it's good or bad, no one can say one way or another about how you read books. If you get the full story, enjoy them, all that, then there's probably no problem with it.

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