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So as none of you know I play the harmonica. As some of you know I play the recorder. I also play guitar, keyboard, drums, xylophone, and next year I  am trying out for trumpet. Now people will either say instruments are super hard to figure out how to play. Me on the other hand says experiment and you will get it. So all of you out there who want to play an instrument of some sort, go for it! Just warning though, lots of instruments are a lot of money. Also, while we are on the topic of instruments, can you guys all send me messages of what you would like to see me play on the recorder? I don't have a camera at this very moment but the second I get one, I will choose one of your songs that I can play without having to find sheet music (Because I do not use sheet music) and post a video right away. Also If Link (chiasquatch)  or Indeimaus  (the animator)are reading this, I am a huge fan of you guys! Also, you two and everyone else please comment!

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