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When it was confirmed that Rhett and link would be at Sundance I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to go up because of work and other commitments. My friend Ryan who is a Rhett and Link fan said that if I found out where they would be then he would try and go up with me if his scheduled allowed it. On Sunday they were posting on the YouTube Instagram account so I knew they would be at the YouTube lounge on main street. When I asked Ryan if he wanted to go up initially he said he couldn’t because he would need to watch his daughter. He wanted to go up though and our other friend Danny agreed to take Ryan’s daughter to his house so she could have a play date with his son. We headed up to Park City  with Aspen, Danny’s 12 year old, to see what would happen. I was still convinced that we wouldn’t end up finding them. What were the odds? My amazing twitter friends started sending tweets of encouragement as soon as I said we were heading up. We made it up there when it had just started to snow. It was busy and parking was difficult. Ryan dropped us off in front of the YouTube lounge and we kinda just stood around, trying to use twitter and Instagram posts as clues to where they could be. It seemed like we were about an hour behind them being at the YouTube lounge. I decided to tweet at Rhett and link and Stevie in the off chance I’d get a reply. Well the mythical beasts took up the call and started tweeting at Stevie too. She sent a reply that we had missed them at the YouTube lounge so I replied back that I would love to meet them if they were still in park city. Then I noticed that she followed me on twitter. And my heart stopped. She sent me a DM and said that she let the guys know we wanted to meet them and let me know where they would be. So we booked it over to the studio (which we had just barely passed) and decided to wait. I saw Nick Offerman, Jon Hamm and Jack Black  while we were waiting so that was really cool. Some people we had talked to earlier passed by and asked if we had met Rhett and Link. They had been looking for them, too.  They said they saw them near the front of the studio and they had gone down the stairs somewhere. I figured at that point we had missed our chance.  I DMd Stevie back and told her I thought we missed them. She said she was sending them our way! We were at the top of the stairs looking around for them. I saw them walking towards us where we were at  the top of the stairs. I recognized Link’s big green coat and boots first. They came up the stairs and met us with big smiles and “hey guys!” I think I kept saying this is surreal. I can’t believe this is happening. I know my face was bright red and I looked awful after wandering around in the snow for so long. Rhett and Link each gave me a big hug. Rhett bent down to hug me and I melted a little bit. His face was mostly covered up with his coat hood. Link’s smile in real life…wow. It was amazing. They suggested we move down to where it was a bit more covered. I remember asking Rhett if they were enjoying Utah and he said it was better when it wasn’t snowing. It was actually snowing quite a bit and very cold and the fact that they came out from being indoors to meet us really shows what extremely nice guys they are. Ryan told them how we were big fans and we had made it our mission to meet them. I was glad I was wearing my GMM hoodie. Ryan said his son had introduced us to the show and then he pulled out his phone and facetimed Ryle. Once Ryle answered he moved the phone to show Rhett and Link. I guess his jaw dropped. Rhett and Link were so nice with him. They were like “hey man, whats your name? Thanks Ryle for telling people about our show.” Link even grabbed the phone at one point to be more in the frame lol. Ryle told them I’m a stalker and they just laughed at that. I was like “hey, it worked! We met you!” I told Rhett I was the one who sent the Hawkman shirt for his birthday and he was like yeah you’re Ashley right? And I was like oh no, he has seen all the crazy tweets I send him. I actually said sorry for tweeting y’all so much and they laughed. Link said lets’ take some pictures and so I moved between them to take a photo. I remember Link saying “what kind of photo should we do? Act suprised?” so I have a pictures with their different expressions. I just had a big cheesy smile on my face. Ryan mentioned how I have seen every episode of GMM and then I was like yeah and the mythical show and good morning chia Lincoln. I forgot to mention buddy system though, dang! Ryan also told them how I had one of the 1000th episode coins and I told them I had sent in a video for the 1000th episode and they were like “yeah!”  I was convinced I would just be too stunned to talk but they were so nice and made us feel at ease.  I was looking right at Link when I was just babbling about how I’ve seen all their shows and he was smiling. Rhett pulled off his jacket hood and his beanie and turned to look in a window to fix his hair. I was like your hair is amazing and he laughed. After my friends and I got our pics with the guys  Link was like “hey we’ll give you this exclusive. We haven’t done this yet” and they did the handshake pose! We introduces Aspen and she gave Link a huge hug and I  got a pic of her hugging Rhett. We knew we needed to get going since we had to drive back down the canyon in the snow. Ryan made a comment about the pomade and I was like “Rhett I even bought your beard oil” and that made him laugh. We did hugs again and Link did this little hug dance. Its hard to describe but it was so sweet. Best day ever! I made sure to DM Stevie and thank her again for making it happen. I posted a couple of the pics and Link liked them on twitter. My MB twitter friends were so excited for me and honestly I don’t think anything can top this truly mythical moment 

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Comment by Rosebella (Sunekosuri) on February 8, 2017 at 2:35am
Everything about this is so beautiful! I'm glad it finally came true and they didn't only think about you as "the girl who sends letters about her ovaries" haha. I can’t congratulate you enough ♡

By the way, this part sounded kinda hot, it made me swoon.
"Rhett pulled off his jacket hood and his beanie and turned to look in a window to fix his hair."
Comment by Paige on January 25, 2017 at 7:22am
Omg, that's mythical! Now.. when are y'all coming to Wisconsin??
Comment by Katie (The Crochet Sheep) on January 24, 2017 at 10:14pm

Wow, what an awesome story!! I think was smiling the whole time I read it. :)

Comment by Ashley (Giraffely) on January 24, 2017 at 8:55pm
You guys are so sweet. Thank you!
Comment by Terri (mousehill) on January 24, 2017 at 8:16pm

This was so cool to watch twitter while it was happening.  We were all so excited for you!! 

Comment by Juhi (Swarnix) on January 24, 2017 at 5:16pm
Wow that's absolutely amazing!! I saw the story unfold on twitter and it's amazing to read the full story here, I nearly had tears in my eyes! I'm so happy that you eventually got to meet them!!! :D
Comment by Amy (Wendigo) on January 24, 2017 at 1:28pm

This story just makes me so happy.

Comment by Hannah Roa on January 24, 2017 at 1:23pm
OH MY GOODNEEEEESSS. GIRL YOU DESERVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. You're such an awesome fan, and R&L are such AWESOME PEOPLE <3. HOPE YOU GET MORE MOMENTS LIKE THIS (and maybe the rest of us will have our chance too). CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!
Comment by Steph Ihab (Flying Pandog) on January 24, 2017 at 11:58am
I'm so happy for you btw. Like I'm actually proud of you!
Comment by Steph Ihab (Flying Pandog) on January 24, 2017 at 11:57am
I'm not crying. The phone shot me like it is a water gun.

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