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Oh, hai everyone. (as Tommy Wiseau)

Sorry, I had to. Anyway, had enough of me up on the front page? Too bad, you're getting more. xd

Halloween is coming up tomorrow, and I LOVE Halloween. If there was a way to love it more, I would. I love dressing up, the specials, the candy, the movies.. everything.

It started when I was little. My entire family loved it, especially my Meme. She was.. is.. an old lady, creepy and into witches and magic. I used to believe she was a witch, and -to be honest- I still do.  I was a witch in her honor for years, and only recently did I stop.

I like making my costumes. Grabbing bits and pieces from anywhere I can, thrift stores, craft stores, clothing others don't use anymore. If there's a Halloween store nearby, you'll find me browsing their wares multiple times throughout the month of October. Buying costumes is lame and unoriginal. If you make it yourself, you show off your skills and interests, maybe even find a talent you never knew you had.

I have done this for the past three years. First year, I was Paul McCartney. Not the regular, sweet, pretty-boy, early-Beatles McCartney. Oh no.

I was Paul is Dead. The entire myth and urban legend I researched, incorporating as much as I could. My mom cried over altering the clothes I found. (Turns out they were actually really high quality. Oops.)

Second year, Shaun, from Shaun of the Dead, one of my favorite movies. Made the 'cricket bat' myself. ^^

Now, this year. As several of you know, Portal 2 came out. I loved it. I am going to be Chell, the protagonist. This was very labor-intensive, I suppose I could say. Made the long fall boots and tank top myself. You'll see them in two days time, promise.

I was debating on making a video review of a movie from a Halloween series, but decided against it. I'm too lazy to script and edit. This movie is not scary, and was never scary. I have too much of an imagination (too paranoid?) to watch true scary/gory films. 

Also, I attack when scared. Not a good thing, especially when there are two theme parks within three hours of you that offer awesome Halloween events. *sigh*

I do other things, though. Like making a pumpkinhead. The only good drawing I didn't have to copy. xd

Well, pictures and possible video will be up later. Right now, I have this and drawings. Check 'em out, if you like.

Happy Halloween, Beasts!


P.S. Yay, kitty ears! I am now an official catgirl. ^^

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Comment by Kevin (UniSeal) on October 30, 2011 at 10:04pm
I am so ready to see these Long Fall Boots.

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