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GMM show ideas (pardon if these topics have already been used):

Cases of children being raised by animals

THE HOBBIT (seeing as the movie is coming out in December)

The best kind of home cooked meals

General Suggestions for GMM:

For Good Mythical Morning the wheel ending topic should be listed as well in the description because I hate it when I want to rewatch an ending but I have to go through a ton of videos to find it. Pleeeeeeeeease?? :)

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Comment by Gumbo123 on October 24, 2012 at 12:00pm

Hey Emma - - -

There are forums set for GMM Show Suggestions and Wheel of Mythicality Suggestions that Rhett, Link and/or Jason Inman check on a fairly regular basis.  Your comments are more likely to be seen by them there.


Also, your fellow mythical beast Phil (Duckbilled Baronyx) maintains a directory of all the GMM ending topics in our GMM Fans group discussions, so you can search there more easily when you need to locate one in the future:

GMM ~ Wheel of Mythicality - - Season One

GMM ~ Wheel of Mythicality - - Season Two


Thanks for sharing and GOOD LUCK!

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