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GMM 1000th - Fan Video Project! (Deadline September 9)

Hello, fellow Mythical Beasts!

I'm Sofia from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I'm 26 and though I've been a beast for years, this is my very first post here at the Kommunity :)

I'm running a fan project which will result in a video to gift RandL by the time they reach their 1000th GMM episode*.

Thanks to the lovely Victoria (Centauromadoose) who has been spreading the word over here (plus Twitter and Facebook) and Gumbo123 who sent out a blast email to the membership about this project!

I wanted to make sure some of the rules are clearer and also not all the work replying to questions over here is on their shoulders!

First of all, as a heads up, I've already received 100 entries, for which I'm very grateful! There are still two more weeks left to send videos in, so let's go through a couple important points I want to emphasize due to some questions I've been asked or some mistakes I've detected:

  • Please, include your name, city and country (age too, if you want) in the body/subject of the email you send me. You don’t need to say it on the video itself, as that would take precious seconds where you could be saying more stuff! If you don’t want your info to appear along with your video for some reason, then let me know in the email as well (that's only happened once so far). I insist on this since I think it would make a bigger impact to show beasts from all over the world! :)
  • The prompt is to speak directly to RandL thanking them and telling them why you love them / enjoy GMM so much.
  • The time limit is 5 seconds, but if, despite your best efforts, you end up with a video that’s a second or two longer, please send it anyway. Don’t let the time limit hold you back from participating! Thanks a bunch to everyone who worked hard to respect the time rule, though.
  • Please make sure you're speaking loudly. I can increase the volume of your video but I'd be grateful if it's already easy to understand you as it is!
  • YES, every entry will be used, of course! If I see a problem with yours I’ll let you know to give you the chance to redo it, so it’s important to not wait until the very last day to send something in! And, of course, to keep an eye on your Inbox.
  • The final video will be posted close to the GMM 1000th release date* for everyone to see (most likely on YouTube).
  • Everyone who sent their entry so far has received a confirmation email (that I type manually addressing each beast personally; it’s not automatic, haha). If you sent something over and you haven’t received a reply back, let me know, but make sure you typed the address correctly: goodmythical1000@gmail.com
  • No, it is not guaranteed you’ll be featured on an episode of GMM. Sadly I never said this anywhere and a beast or two has asked whether they had been chosen to appear on the episode after they got their confirmation email! But hopefully the guys will see it, at least!
  • You can also send pictures of you holding a sign if you can’t / don’t want to record a video.
  • You don’t need to add background music as the final video will have its own! And the ideal thing is to show beasts on the video, so no need to edit your own episode compilations. I might do that myself to be shown in between videos!
  • Deadline is in two weeks! September Friday 9th, to be exact!
  • Let me know if you have any doubts or concerns.
  • Please spread the word! :)

* Good Mythical Morning will reach its 1000th episode on Thursday 13th of October.

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i will help

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