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Guys, I'm losing my marbles. I collapsed on the floor halfway through seeing the tour of mythicality live, and so i bought access to the livestream. The livestream itself was of pretty terrible quality for the first half, and i have screencaps to prove it. The video was constantly glitching and the sound cut out entirely every few seconds. When it was announced that a VOD replay would be available, i thought for sure i would FINALLY be able to see the show the whole way through, but cleeng customer service told me the VOD had already been taken down almost TWO HOURS before it was supposed to go offline. I'm so disappointed, you guys. I have now spent like 70 bucks total to see this show and it gets ruined every time. I wrote back to cleeng customer service saying "the VOD should still be up because it is only 9:13 PM PST as i send this." but i'm not going to hear back until the morning, when it will invariably be "oh, well, too late sorry it is now Morning and you are Out Of Luck."

honestly i kind of want my money back.

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Comment by Victoria (Centauromadoose) on November 12, 2017 at 2:49pm

Yeah, makes you wonder on earth was going on behind the scenes with Cleeng and Mythical Entertainment. I didn't purchase or try to watch the livestream, but I have actually seen some tweeted screenshots within the past 2 days of an email Cleeng started sending to people who complained; it 100% blames Mythical Entertainment for being uncooperative and placing all the restrictions people encountered. Even if that's true (who knows at this point...), that seems like an unprofessional email to be sending out to customers.

Don't know what to think of it anymore, other than the whole experience was a disaster for most people. :/

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