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I am doing a trailer where I turn Rhett and Link into a movie. I will be taking clips from gmm, Gmmore, and Rhett and Links' main channel. also I will be taking Mythical beasts' videos in. (Only ones that are submitted for this reason.) If you have a youtube account and want to take part in this video you need to submit your video to both youtube and the kommunity. Criteria for video is down below:

The video must be of you:


-wearing a Rhett and link t-shirt or holding something that you bought from their store

-watching a Rhett and Link video


-Fainting (for Health reasons only pretend to faint please)

- Staring blankly into the camera

The video can't:

-Have any content against the rules of this website obviously

-Be more than 20 seconds long

- Have talking in it

The video is encouraged to:

-Have siblings  and pets

- have mythical beasts

-Have  some sort of wheel in it

-Be in a dim light (Not super bright or completely dark)

Every submission counts so get your videos in!

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