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Hello everyone! Today I am very happy because.... SCHOOL IS OUT! That means my good ol' american town is now bustling with happy high schoolers, but why is that a good thing you ask? Well its because they don't have to go back to the classroom until August and can do whatever the heck they want! What more reason do you need? Unfortunatly the YMCA pool in my town is closed because they are building a new pool attached to the center. So me and my fellow high schooler will be stuck roasting in the sticky 90° humitiy. But the local frozen custard place will be getting some good buisness anyways. So all you people out their, are you out for the summer? Do you have some awesome summer plans made up? Leave me a comment I would love to know. :)

As a side note: to those of you who own an iPod touch, do NOT forget its in your pocket then accidently get it wet... It can make you very sad.

Wanrning: Do NOT attepmt to turn on the iPod after you KNOW it got wet. Instead cover it in a bowl of rice for 2 to 3 days. Then it probably won't break if you catch it early. Not that i did that or anything...

Also if you did something like that please leave me a comment. I would love to hear your story.

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Comment by Jonathan (Goblin King) on May 23, 2012 at 10:19pm

School's out for Moody Bible Institute as well and I'm back to Ohio for the summer.  Plans?  Work, make money for school.  I'll be working as a Head Lifeguard for a small, local water-park, and thankfully not working for the YMCA this summer and dealing with all the out of school highschoolers, haha =P (it's really more of the indoor pool that I don't like). 

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