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Dream Interpretation - Rhett's Dream about Link Flying

Rhett's Dream about Link Flying

Here are the key parts of Rhett’s dream:

  • 100% sure Link has a pilot’s license
  • at one point realizing he’s dreaming but still knowing it’s true that link has a pilot’s license
  • they needed to fly somewhere and he knew Link can fly us there
  • he remembered when Link flew back in college for his grandfather’s funeral and in real life Link didn’t pilot the plane but in the dream it was as though he did
  • then, in the dream, Link says “let’s go fly” and rhett thinks they are going to get into Link’s plane
  • instead of getting a plane they hooked themselves up to a powered parachute which Rhett’s wanted to go on – a paraglider – with a fan on the back but it’s rocket boosters
  • which you do need a license to operate
  • they were flying around in these and there was someone else but details are foggy
  • they both land but one of link’s boosters wouldn’t turn off so he went flying up over a mountain horizon
  • he hits the ground and there’s an explosion
  • out of the explosion rises this incredible castle
  • it’s like an amusement park castle
  • rhett and the other person walk up to the castle
  • a door opens and out walks link with long black dreadlocks
  • link had transformed, done a transfiguration, into a wise man


Air is about the future and to fly in a dream is about the future.

At first it seems Link is the one with the licence and in a dream that would be an issue because it’s always best for the dreamer to be in the driver’s/pilot’s seat of their own dreams.

But it turns out okay because both Rhett & Link have their own para-gliders and it means they must both have their license to fly.

So this is about each being able to direct the direction of their own movements in life.

When they land but Link continues up over the horizon it means there is something his higher self is calling him to do.

The explosion, castle and new Link is about a process of transformation which comes when we follow where our True Self wants us to go.

Wisdom comes from the experience of change.

The dream seemed to be quite positive so that means to go for whatever opportunities are opening up. It’s leading to new experiences which will feel like enjoying a personally-designed amusement park.

The castle comes out of the explosion. He started with a lot of enthusiasm and then license to do it, but the crash means something went really wrong. It is the learning from the crash that allows the castle to be built. Flying is always good, but God has a way of making us all crash so we learn and then come out much stronger.

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