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Do you remember me?
I was your friend.
That friend you cry out with.
That friend you said was your first real friend.
That friend you said you loved.
What happened?

I experienced something,
I think I grew from that.
I travelled,
I studied,
I lived
For the first time in my life.
You did not experience this with me.
You experienced something different.

I felt you forgot about me.
When I met you again
You wouldn't understand what had changed.
You could not accept
That I changed for something
I found was better for me.

I tried to accept it,
Forget it.
But every day I'm haunted by it.
We were both the bad person in the situation.
I'm sorry I lost you;
Mostly I'm sorry you lost me.

Who's shoulder can you cry on now?
Who will be your first real friend now?
Because I'm not that to you anymore.
I've grown to be confident
Instead of closing in on my feelings
And cry over every mean person I meet.
I hoped you would see it too.
And I do miss you,
But you don't answer me...

Do you remember me?
Your real friend,
That you wouldn't accept had changed
And you closed out of your life.

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