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The Doomsday clock has been moved to two minutes before midnight. Okay I am 43 years old  and since before the day of my birth this publication has been warning everybody about the dangers of Nuclear War by using a clock midnight meaning zero hours and all the atomic bombs in the earth will blow up some where above my house(I live in New York City). I ask why do I have to listen from scientists about how screw up our world it is. Let me tell you just in case you have skip the past I don’t know a year The Islamic State has declare Jihad on us, We pulled out Iraq and Afghanistan to return in less than six months because the Islamic State has been trying to conquering the region. Ebola in west Africa riots in France, Greece and Italy due to the finance state of Affairs. So Yes Scientist we know that the world is screw up, however even with the Atomic Clock at 2 minutes before nuclear war, I have hope in Humanity to do what we do best, being Human, being Awesome, and having the courage to embrace a new tomorrow. Thank you for listening

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