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Hello . (: In case you didn't know , I'm Ellie and this is my first blog and I'm not sure what to talk about . I'm a fairly new Mythical Beast , only about a week old I believe , and I wanted to contribute (that's how it's spelled right ?) to this website , since I am a huge fan of Rhett&Link . So I was going to ask the fellow mythical beasts out there to give me some tips on how to become an ultimate beast , and to give me ideas on things to send Rhett&Link when they come back from LA. So far , everyone has been really nice here , and I've made a couple friends already . So if you know anyone who is a R&L fan and isn't on here , tell them to sign up because it's actually a nice community . Sorry ,  I forgot to take my pill for my ADHD and I might get off topic alot . If you're wondering why I'm up so early , I was chatting all night with a couple of people , and before I knew it , it was already 5 in the moring ! Ok , I think I should stop now , because I'm starting to ramble on .

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Comment by Ellie Ojeda (Cincounicornous) on June 25, 2011 at 7:41am

Thanks Adam (: Aha

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