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Answers would be wonderfully helpful, please & thank you!!

Hey! So I posted before about a paper I'm writing about Rhett and Link and this whole community build around their videos. I need specific answers to these questions to serve as "interviews".

Anyone and everyone please feel free to comment! It would be helpful if you could include your real name and state/country that you're from. The essay is all about how a community communicates and their dialog so answer as you would for anything else, there's no need for artificial answers because you think it is what I would want to hear. Answer as many or as few of the questions as you would like. Thank you in advance to everyone who is willing to answer a few questions for me!!

1). Other than the abbreviation 'GMM', and the phrases mythical beasts, internetainers, and the kommunity, are there any other terms, words, or phrases specific to this community?

2). I happened to stumble across Rhett and Link's YouTube page one day, how were you first introduced to their videos?

3). Why do you continue to watch their videos?

4). What is the most unique thing about the conversations/relationships/interactions, you have with other mythical beasts?

5). What does it mean to you to be a mythical beast?

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Comment by Rachel T. (HuneyBadgerFox) on November 21, 2013 at 2:48pm

1. Some of the phrases that are specific to Mythical Beast are:

Where did you get your jacket at? 

I like your boots. (both of these came from GMM episodes)

acknowledge your mustache. (This greeting is something that is said to new beast in chat. It came from one of their old videos)

2. My brother introduced me to their videos. 

3. I keep watching their videos because they are interesting and funny. They have a smart and clean type of hummer for (almost) all ages. You never Know what you are going to get with Good Mythical Morning. 

4. I think the unique thing about the interactions on this Kommunity is that there are so may different people from all over the world. 

5. I think being a Mythical Beast means being a fan of Rhett and Link. But, it also means that all of us on this Kommuinty have one thing in common we are all fans of Rhett and Link. 

Comment by Gumbo123 on November 21, 2013 at 12:38pm

In addition to the direct questionaire answers you recieve through the interview process, here are some additional R&L site pages that will answer a couple of your questions:


# 1 - - ->

Topic:  RhettandLinKabulary!

Topic: The Kommunity Dictionary

Doug ->>>http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/forum/topics/who-is-chat?commentId=...


#2 - - ->

How did YOU find Rhett and Link??

NOTE:  this is the kommunity's single most active discussion thread, active since June 10, 2009 and currently over 4,500 comments and posts.

Comment by Miranda the Zenteryx on November 21, 2013 at 7:18am
1) I can't really think of any that you haven't mentioned other than other abbreviations like GMCL.
2) I'd seen them in Epic Rap Battles Of History and on the FIne Bros. channel, but never checked them out until Smosh posted about their Graduation Song on Smoshpit.
3) I keep watching their videos because theyre entertaining, their videos are smart and quirky and they don't need to be inappropriate or offensive to be funny.
4) I think the best thing about the Komm is that we all share an interest in Rhett and Link and can also build on that and bond over other things we share an interest in as well. Also the large majority of the Komm are awesome people who I love to talk to and get to know and see all the talent that is here.
5) I think being a Mythical Beast can be as little as just enjoying their videos, but also being on the Kommunity and interacting with other Mythical Beasts and sharing your thoughts and work with them.
Miranda - New South Wales, Australia.
Comment by The Flaming gryffins on November 21, 2013 at 2:13am
1) I thing you sumed them up
2) from a friend
3) because their funny, but not inapropreit
4) the cool thing is that you get to know other people that have a common intrest with you and the thought that you maybe talking to someone all that all the way in asia!
5) you know your a mythical beast when you watch the show every day,
Almost like your adicted to the show not only that your also up todate on every thing that incorperates Rhett and Link and last but not least your upset on the weekends because their is no GMM so you resort to ear biskets. -Name: Rachel -State: N.C. But moved to W.A.

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