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Snowflakes dance before my window like a graceful swan upon water.

A golden wonderland awaits me outside my frosted window that calls my name, softly, softly and sweetly.

I wait for the moon to guide me, to guide me through my magical, white land.

The stars above smile at me, encouraging me to move on.

A sleeping sun lies below as the moon rises above me.

The moonlight dances about the snow covered trees, like the sunlight plays with the flowers of spring.

I walk through the glowing, white forest with bliss and composure

For I know, I am in a midnight wonderland; a wonderland of marvel and peace.

I sit under the evergreens and listen to the crickets sing their sweet song.

Their sweet lullaby brings me into a peaceful sleep under the trees; only to be awakened by the glistening morning light.

Today is a gift, for that is why it is called the present.

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