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Here it is, my first post here on the Kommunity...


I guess it would have helped to have a plan for what I wanted to say, but sometimes you're more honest when you are flying by the seat of your pants.  I have to say that I did not expect to see a following like this for Rhett and Link that was so well organized.  Like most things done on the 'net, I figured it would be half-assed and full of holes.  Granted, I am getting here after several quality years of R&L content so there has been a lot of time for it to get to this point.  So I applaud you Mythical Beasts that predate my joining date.


So who am I?  Who is this new arrival to the Kommunity?  I can't really give too many specifics as I'm paranoid.  But I'm at the main campus of my state's major university.  I'm the oldest student in many of my classes given my stint in the professional world for a while, but that stint taught me that I need a post-graduate degree for what I really wanna do.  So here I am, ending my first full year at school; I may talk about why I need that classifier in the future, but not right off the bat.


Look for me to add to this blog in the future.  I'm still wondering in which direction I'm taking this blog, so stick around for updates and feel free to comment to tell me what you want me to talk about.




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