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On The Lawn

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  While mowing the lawn today I began to muse about the cup holder in which my can of Coca-Cola was stowed on our riding lawn-mower.  It struck me funny that we as a country and a class of people have such few worries in life that we have cup holders on lawn mowers.  Then I began to muse on the idea…


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Tattoos: Advice from a lifeguard

         Working as a lifeguard I have been afforded the experiencing many tattooed people where their tattoos are most apparent.  This being the case I wanted to take some time to give advice to the younger minds, though I am not absolutely far removed from you, being only 20, but very close to those who are almost old enough to get them by themselves.  And though I don't have any tattoos myself, I have a pretty good view of what they look like.


1. Age:  Though…


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Without delving too much in to the this-generation-is-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket mentality, people in general have a lack of respect, but highly demand it for themselves.  Recently on the news two young men threw bricks through a McDonald's window because of insufficient onions on their cheeseburgers, and a man drove his car through the front of…


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We Speak Amurican!

 "The pen is mightier than the sword" is a saying many have often heard, and it refers to the power that literature has to affect the world.  Ideas are powerful things, but can only reach their potential if they are able to be shared; to do this the mind behind the idea needs language.  As with all things human there is a degree of pride and conceit that permeates the world of language, specifically in the area of whose language is better, which one is the most proper and which ones are…


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What's In a Name?

           “Pippin, though still amazed, no longer felt afraid.  Under those eyes he felt a curious suspense, but not fear.  ‘Please’,  he said, ‘who are you?  And what are you?’

            A curious look came into the old eyes, a kind of wariness; the deep wells were covered…


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