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Sam Young Update #3


Hopefully I will have Sam Young at least close to being done being edited by spring break. Then it's Music Time! Music will take (I hope) roughly a month, then it depends on if I am finished or not by April 1st. I am aiming for April 1st as a release date. I am not saying it will be the release date, but that's what I am hoping for.

Here's a short track for all of you who want to hear some more from me.…

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Sam Young Update #2

Most of the shots are done. I have to complete the remaining shots, do vfx, edit and do more music. Things are moving along pretty smoothly. Saraxos is in this movie. Here is an early version of the credits

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My First Actual Blog Post!!!

Those other posts were technically posts, but th0se were stories, and this is an actual blog. I am currently working on a short film which I am writing, doing visual FX, and starring in. Whew, that's a lot, so it might take a while. And for those of you who enjoyed my Compositions, I will be doing the music, too. No word on if the film will make it to the Kommunity, though.

Production is moving along slowly, but surely. Hopefully it will be done by early 2010.

That's all for… Continue

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Lockwood Part III: The Final Conflict

Sometimes we must do what is necessary to defeat evil.

Ian came out of the Hall of Turning Tables and came towards Hundel Thickspit.

“You’ve done it! You were able to take three of them at once. You are lucky to be alive.”

“Hundel, I killed them. I slaughtered them. I took vengeance. It seems like I’m a murderer. I killed out of rage. Anything that attacks me now doesn’t stand a chance. I feel like a ruthless killer. Like I am evil. ”

“You are not evil, but… Continue

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Lockwood Part II: The Army

Ian Stood before the door of the castle. Slowly, the wooden door creaked open and a small man with a long beard appeared. He was a servant to King Tennant. The Dwarf servant escorted him inside.

“We congratulate you on defeating the first of the Lords of the Legion of Darkness.”

“There are more?”

“Of course. There are five, to be exact, but there are hundreds of the Dark Servants around. According to the prophecy, you are supposed to wipe them out. It will be a hard task. Each… Continue

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Lockwood Part I: The Journey

This is the story of someone named Ian Lockwood and his marvelous adventure that he had. The junk stores bell’s jingled as he walked into the junk store. There were old, dusty, miscellaneous objects everywhere. But the one that intrigued him the most was the one covered in a tarp. He slowly took the heavy piece of cloth off, and when it was off, he saw a yellow light. It was a golden clock.

It was the most beautiful clock he had ever seen, but something was strange about it. It had… Continue

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