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View along and let me know if

I have missed any.

George Spottings to date . . .

19 / 35 = 54.29%

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This is really impressive, I'll try hide him better!

if I have any extra time, maybe another thread for  SPOT THE  INDEIMAUS  too

I'm certainly in a few episodes!

I'm in the left background of The Hunger Games, sitting in the crowd of the inspirational speech and my avatar is on the wall of the Fashion Police episode.

I'm sure there shall be more of the GMM crew as well as George in future episodes.

no don't I couldn't find him.. well I found him in my favorite one: Rhett Loses his mind but other that that I havnt found him

Good job! I will keep my eyes peeled for George!
I love these animated episodes :D

Who is George exactly

Indei mentioned (in some video, but I can't find it at the moment) that he's just an insert character based off of George Costanza from the show Seinfeld.

I thought that Rhett's mention of George was convenient in the "Rhett Loses his Mind" episode. :) Also, there was no George in the "Link is a Grumpy Lunch Lady" episode, however, an image of him did appear in the "Link Gives Rhett a Chemistry Lesson" episode.

I found him in the newest episode, competitive old ladies at bingo night. he was behind old lady Rhett and Link!!!

0:31 in Reporting the Apocalypse as NFL Commentators

With three spottings in a row the Overall George Ratio (OGR) has increased to 40.74%

Also, perhaps we're witnessing for the first time a double treat in Episode #27 with both a George and Indeimaus capture on the same screenshot. Is that you on the left of Skelton Boy with a knife and armload of canned beef?


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