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I had some comments specific to this episode, so I figured I'd make a thread for it. Feel free to make a discussion thread if you also want to talk about a specific episode!

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I was super excited to see "Rhett Gives Birth to a Hippo" in my subscriptions box -- I had also suggested this one for the animation at some point, although Indei found it from a different person. Even after all these years, this hippo ending is the one I always remember and find the most hilarious!

It did get cut short in the animation a little, though...probably because they broke into laughter right after that. But I believe Rhett went on to name the hippo after Link. :P

Side note: As someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, the title is misspelled "Wheel of Mythically" rather than "Mythicality." Darn you auto correct?

I think that my favorite part of that episode was the appearance of the TARDIS. That was amazing.

Yeah, we like to remove the bursts of laughter from all of these episodes; whilst funny on the spot because laughter makes you laugh - It doesn't fit with re-creating the scene in an animation form!

Glad you like it though :)


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