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I'd like to let Drew know about the support, empathy, and good-natured vibes that make up the larger heart of Mythical Beasts in general. He's the new intern, has Chase's old spot, and those are definitely big shoes to fill. I'm not about to imagine what it's like to be measured against all the Mythical Greatness that has come before.

The Internet draws out the worst in people sometimes (it's the anonymity and lightning-fast access to a comment box that does it), but it's not representative of the whole of the Kommunity.

I wouldn't have eaten a fish sperm dumpling either, for the record! Continue to be your mythical best, Drew.

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I've been hearing in forums people are giving him hate but I dont know why or where

Drew is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! drew all the way!

Being a intern is rough as is. He is coming into a group that has worked together for a long time. Don't hate. Things change. That also means that Chase is finally getting paid. Now let us all move on.

I thought Drew was hired right away not an intern!I miss Drew and Daniela!


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