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Eddie, Jen, and a few more I don't remember... Time to start finding them! The "Best Cup Ever" video from GMM is a good place to look.

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I should also add Jason.

What I was hoping to do is make little things for the people on the Mythical Team ( the people who work for Rhett and Link) and send them in for them. Anyone in?

From today's GMMore (GMM episode #493) . . .

pictured left to right: 



And from an earlier episode, this is krew member Ben Eck eating a CRONUT


Awesome, thank you for this post!

The Krew has also now added Lizzie (first appearance in "Eating the Carolina Reaper" GMMore episode)...

... and Morgan (same episode)

Member Brian was introduced in the GMMore episode "Eating Weird Donuts with the Crew":

I feel like I saw her off to the side in the intro of the the new studio space, but Becca was formally introduced in the GMM episode "What Dogs are Actually Thinking."

Today's episode of GMM had a little segment with silly job explanations by the current (and now quite updated) Krew. Their actual job descriptions are in the video description.

Morgan (GMM editor) was not physically shown, but Victoria has a picture of him in a reply above. Newest member Leo also wasn't shown, but he made his debut in this GMMore from two days ago.

I posted this back on 5-Feb-2015, but only today realized it was probably in the wrong spot . . .

UPDATE ===> from GMM #615 on 5-Feb-2015

Because this is the stuff that's important to know!!!

What Everyone Actually Does:
Alex Punch: Production Coordinator
Becca Canote: Content & Studio Manager
Ben Eck: Director of Photography
Brian Johanson: Producer
Candace Carrizales : Host/Co-Creator, The Hey Hey Show
Chase Hilt: Production Assistant
Edward Coleman: Writer/Producer, Good Mythical Morning
Jen Matichuk: Social Media Manager
Kevin Kostelnik: Producer/Editor, Ear Biscuits & Song Biscuits
Leann Bowen: Editor, The Hey Hey Show
Leo Kei Angelos: Assistant Editor
Lizzie Redner: Writer / Producer, The Hey Hey Show
Morgan Locke: Editor, Good Mythical Morning
Shannon Coffey: Host/Co-Creator, The Hey Hey Show
Stevie Wynne Levine: Head of Production & Development

Today's episode of GMMore welcomed "supervising producer" Noah to the team!

What ever happened to Noah? Anyone know when he left and what he's up to now? Thanks. 

Today's episode of GMMore welcomed Spencer and Lizzie.

Later on the the same video they "tell a little more about themselves", though it only ends up being where they're from.

Today's episode of GMMore welcomed Mike to the team.


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