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What do you guys know about Link? I am going to put it all into certain pages on this group. Do not  worry I will give everyone credit for what they contributed. Thanks:)

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He invented the pancake.

Link is about as mysterious as the stig. For those who don't know who that is, just look him up.

He's thirty-fiiiiiiiiiive!

His third son was 19 inches long. He played tons of poop pranks. He is a Brony. I love him. He should be my best friend.

His full name is Charles Lincon Neal III.
I know that he is best friends with Rhett since high school!

Hmm... he invented the Ancake whoops wait a PANCAKE thx to night rhett. His full name is Charles Lincoln Neal. He became friends with Rhett in Grade 1 by writing bad things on their desks.

That link fails at prank-calling 

see Episode of GMM Worst Prank Call Ever

His birthday is on June 1

He is anal-retentive  

Link was born June 1, 1978
Link is hilarious on rhettandlick.com
I believe he is 6 ft.


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