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What is your guy's favorite episode?  (not talking about clone wars)  I would have to say episode 3, because it sets the ball rolling with Darth Vader and all and has alot of important battles in it.

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I agree, although Return of the Jedi is a close second or first :)

I hate all of the second trilogy. That said my favorite is What if Star Wars Episode 2 Were Good? by Belated Media. He fixed the second trilogy for me and I've accepted it as my new cannon. 

My favorite official episode is easily Episode 4. 

Empire Strikes back is the best. it is the best out of all of the movies in the series because of it's story. Also, you can't beat "I am your father!"

Episode III has to be mine also.  But The Phantom Menace is right behind it.

I think the third is the best. 

Return of the Jedi

The best, in my opinion, is either a New Hope or ESB but the most important is ROTS


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