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It such an obvious dicussion question. Let it begin! 

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Rub some bacon on it :)

There are too many! But it would have to be any of their epic rap battles, especially nerd vs geek :)

The Photoshop Song! weeeeee

I really like the my ocd song.

Y'know, I've always had a list of favorites instead of one that stood above - but that recently changed.

I've been watching their stuff for about ten years but just recently crossed the hardcore fan threshold. I'd been avoiding the Buddy System music because I swore I'd get YouTube Red one day & wanted to encounter the music as it was intended to be encountered.

And I've recently found an awful lot of spare time on my hands. So I finally watched Buddy System.

This may sound silly . . . Because *they* are largely silly . . . But I actually had a powerfully resonating emotional response to one of their songs.

Tough Decisions (A Whale is Gonna Die).

I have . . . A (metaphorical, of course) dead whale in my rearview which I worked for over a year trying to save. At incredible personal expense. When all was said & done, I'd failed, lost my job, enough money to cover my rent for almost 5 years, my entire social circle, & I so nearly lost my apartment that I'd already started throwing away most of my things in anticipation of having to leave.

The failure really haunted me. "Tough Decisions" presented me with the concept of inevitability in some major failures & as the song unfolded, I realized in hindsight that the failure was inevitable. From this perspective, my options were binary. Try or bail out. I can now find some inkling of pride in the fact that when things get bad, I'm the kind of person that will step up, which hadn't quite occurred to me yet.

It didn't erase my problems, but it was the first beacon of solace in a very long time. As my attention internalized, processing my epiphany, I lost focus on the screen & eventually realized it, turning my attention back . . . Magically enough, at the exact moment the lyrics proclaimed, "It's gonna be okay" & boy does it not matter how impersonal or untailored that message was, it got me. Right in the don't-cry-don't-do-it section of the throat.

They thought they were being funny & satirical. I'll bet for most, they were. But I'll bet there are many like me, in regards to much of their content. And that's where I'll bet a lot of the hardcore fans are born.


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