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Hello wanna-be mountain clan warriors.  I am your leader, Eaglestar.  I am starting a Warriors Role-play, and need a clan.  Apply for deputy (first-come first-served), warrior, kit,elder,den mother, medicine cat and apprentice (first come first served), apprentices, and other clans (Beach clan Forest clan Marsh clan Tribe of running Fire).  Anyone interested?

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I'd love to join! Here's my sign up:
Name: Shadow where Danger Hides (shadow)
Gender: male
Age: an adult, but senior second to eagle star
Rank: deputy
Look: pitch black fur with the exception of little grey dots above his eyes like eyebrows. A surprisingly Long tail and has kinda long fur, as well as whiskers. Deep amber eyes, slightly long fangs.
Personality: warm and kind, but very untrusting and can be a bit harsh. Very strong and tall, very quiet most of the time, and just likes to observe. However he is an expert fighter, and is very mysterious. Although his intentions are good, he kind of gives of a dark vibe.. Almost evil and intimidating.
Other: has a deep voice and a love for puns.

Welcome deputy.

Awesome •v•
Where do we roleplay? On here?

Yes.  But it probably won't be much w. only two people.  BTW if I'm not here, lets just say I'm off at some moonstone type place.  What should we call it?

Maybe... The moonlight clearing? Like a clearing that fills with moonlight? Idk. \/•^•\/

Meeting place is River Stones.  Wait... were you once in the tribe b/c your name is a tribe name.  And is it OK if I call you Shadowpelt cuz I'm not used to tribe names?

Alright! Cool! And yeah, I was once a tribe cat, and most of the cats from the tribes just shorten each other's names that's why I put "(shadow)" next to my name. So you can call me either name if you want, my full tribe name, just shadow, or shadow pelt. It's up to you. :) and thanks for the gift!

You're welcome!

Ya there?


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