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I get judged because I enjoy RP with Originals? Anyone else in this situation?

Post your OC here~!!!!!!!!!!

Or create one:

Physical Features:
Casual Clothing:
Weapon of Choice:

Anyone into cosplay????

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I made this character to do a story RP with a friend of mine, and she also created her own character. I thought OC's were normal!

Name: Myojin
Setting: Fantasy Adventure
Occupation: Adventurer
Physical Features: See description in link
Relations: Unknown parents. Shadow Companion. On/Off again boyfriend
Age: 20
Personality: Sarcastic goofball. Tries to be smooth but always fails.
Gender: Male
Casual Clothing: Leather Armor
Sexuality: Gay (this was not originally planned, but I made this decision after the story got started)
Hobbies: Killing bad guys. Taking showers (he's a neat freak. Always has some soap on him)
Nickname(s): Myo
Weapon of Choice: Dual-wielding daggers

Full description and background can be found in the link! What do you think?


I love your character!!! Email me; we can RP in private?

My favourite character:

Name: Lacey Kirkland-Jones 
Occupation: none
Physical Features: Pale, long dark hair, green eyes, light freckles, long, thin nose, 5'6",
Relations: Arthur Kirkland (Father) Alfred Jones (Dad)
Age: 14
Personality: Rude, carefree, fearless,
Gender: Female
Casual Clothing: Black combat boots, striped tights, jean shorts, black tshirt, black lace choker, leather jacket
Sexuality: Unknown
Hobbies: Writing music, angering her Dads,
Nickname(s): Lace, Batgirl.

I think she's a lesbian???
Not sure yet tho.

She's a 2P Hetalia Character; USUK child

If you don't know what Hetalia is, look it up or I can use a different character!

Email me! harperaddams@gmail.com

(I have an OC for every fandom...but I'll just post one here...)

Name: Jazz Strider

Occupation: Thief of Space

Physical Features: Blonde Hair, Tan-ish skin, green and orange eyes (She has a kind of Heterochromia that has both of her eyes being both colors. And they arrange themselves in a way similar to a radioactivity symbol)

Relations: Dirk Stirder (Paradox Slime Parent) Jake English (Paradox Slime Parent) (From alternate timeline where John messed up this whole thing)

Age: 16 Years
Personality: As she was the oldest kid in the orphanage that had been her home her whole life, most of the younger kids tended to be fully convinced that Jazz was the coolest person in the world. She genuinely cared for the few kids left in the nearly bankrupt orphanage and if she saw anyone trying to hurt them, she'd be the biggest protective mama bear you'd ever seen. Though she didn't act as if she cared to any of the kids when they weren't in trouble, often citing that she was "too cool" for this or that. She tries (and usually fails) to convince people that the shades she wears aren't prescription because needing glasses doesn't fit the vibe she wants. However, if you knocked them off of her face she'd be mostly blind, being very farsighted. She tries to pretend that she is the best of the best, but constantly wonders why she was dropped at an orphanage. Once she started playing the game (SBURB), and it became apparent that she was literally dropped there on a meteor (that landed on some rich guys car which is why the orphanage quickly became bankrupt) she wondered why she didn't have some adult relation find her and taker her in like the others in the game did. She was told by her friend Jack that she (and she would later find out he as well) came from a doomed timeline in a different session. And, due to how weirdly Paradox Space and time interact, they managed to find the non-doomed versions of their Paradox Slime Parents/Siblings. (Jack's are Roxy and Jane)

Gender: Female

Casual Clothing: Originally she wore black jeans and a dark green tank top with a bright orange Radioactive Waste symbol, once she God Teired though that was the only thing she really ever wore.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Hobbies: Practicing throwing knives at trees. The game "What happens when you throw (blank) into radioactive waste?" (once she got onto the Land of Radioactivity and Frogs). Trying really hard to master an actual sword. Playing the ocarina (she says it's ironic so it's cool. Really she just loved playing Ocarina of Time when she was younger so she bought a working replica of the Ocarina from the game and learned how to play it.)

Nickname(s): Jazzy (Only Jack can call her this and not get knives thrown at him.)

Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives and Daggers

     Hey, Kistune! I love your character. Hit me up:

Twitter: @HarperTheNerd

Wattpad: @HarperTheNerdQueen

Email: harperaddams@gmail.com

we could write something awesome, I bet.

I have a "Codename: Kids Next Door" OC that I enjoy roleplaying with.

Name: Kathleen Lloyd
Occupation: Deciphering Operative for the KND, turned traitor.
Physical Features: Long brown hair, brown eyes, noticeable eyelashes, 5 ft 7.
Relations: Sector GLF, Star (Resau'urdusn), Trip, Chris, Numbuh 824c
Age: 18
Personality: She began very collected and calm but as her time as a traitor went on she became more ruthless and reckless, often either yelling at or sassing back other operatives she felt were trying to capture her.
Gender: Transgender girl
Casual Clothing: A magician-esque outfit. Top hat, blue-white dotted tie, blue-orange striped waistcoat, dark purple jacket and light purple skirt with black tights and dark brown boots
Sexuality: She has no clue and would rather try not to be working it out when she's on the run from the entire KND
Hobbies: Magic, card games, dancing, decoding things
Nickname(s): Kath, Kathy, Numbuh Crackships, Traitor,
Weapon of Choice: a K.N.D. 2x4 tech S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.
I Have 4
Name: Skylar
Occupation:Magic warrior
Physical Features: illl have Pictures
Relations: no known parents Loves Echo and thunder
Age: 14
Personality: nice kind shy sweet mean if provoked
Gender: F
Casual Clothing: In pics
Sexuality: not gay
Hobbies: Training with echo and thunder
Nickname(s): Sky the horse whisperer
Weapon of Choice: a big big sword

Image result for girl warrior

Name: Echo
Occupation: Sky's War horse
Physical Features: Pic!
Relations: Sky's horse
Age: 3
Personality: Nice one person horse
Gender: M
Casual Clothing: Pic
Sexuality: None hes a gelding (not breedable)
Hobbies: War
Nickname(s): Echy
Weapon of Choice: Charging

Image result for white horse drawing

Name: Thunder
Occupation: Sky's wolf
Physical Features: pic
Relations: Sky's wolf
Age: 2
Personality: Mean
Gender: M
Casual Clothing: pic
Sexuality: None
Hobbies: War
Nickname(s): Thud
Weapon of Choice: Teeth

Name: Chase
Occupation: Magic warrior
Physical Features: pic
Relations: likes Sky
Age: 14
Personality: Nice shy mean if provoked
Gender: M
Casual Clothing: pic
Sexuality: not gay
Hobbies: Fighting
Nickname(s): Chase
Weapon of Choice: Knives

Name: Angelica  She has no known last name
Occupation: Time traveler
Physical Features: Grey hair green eyes and grey feathered wings
Relations: Mom is Queen Angelica the first of England, Dad is the Doctor (YEAH WHOVIANS!)
Age: 154
Personality: Normally happy-go-lucky but you do NOT want to cross her
Gender: Female? If you can call an alien hybrid a girl
Casual Clothing: T-shirt that says "Mommy's Little Angel" and jeans
Sexuality: She's an alien hybrid interested in other alien hybrid boys
Hobbies: Killing aliens
Nickname(s): Angel (If you call her Angelica she will kill you)
Weapon of Choice: Double swords, one of dalekaneum and the other of gold
Name: Vanessa Thorne
Occupation: Archer/Swords-woman
Physical Features: Tall, Beautiful, Long black hair, Red eyes, Pale
Relations: Committed boyfriend
Age: 16
Personality: Emo
Gender: Female
Casual Clothing: Black leather jacket, Black skinny jeans, Black combat boots, Chain necklace
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hobbies: Music, Writing, Reading, Wrestling
Nickname(s): Van
Weapon of Choice: Bow/Longsword
Name: Elizabeth Schuyler
Occupation: Mother
Physical Features: in pic
Relations: none known
Age: 27
Personality: sweet, trusting, kind
Gender: Female
Casual Clothing: in pic
Sexuality: not gay
Hobbies: drawing, cooking
Nickname(s): Eliza,Betsy,Liza
Weapon of Choice: a flame
Name: Kanin Weiss
Occupation: Hitman
Physical Features: 6”1’, athletic build, pale skin, blue eyes, and white hair, kept in a ponytail
Relations: Rulio - boyfriend
Age: ???
Personality: Snarky, but can be quite short tempered and serious when need be. Usually a jokester and fun to be around, however.
Gender: Cis male
Casual Clothing: If he’s not in his usual navy pinstripe suit and red tie, he’ll be in any t-shirt he likes and a pair of jeans.
Sexuality: Pan
Hobbies: Archery, board and card games, and adventure
Nickname(s): Rabbit, White Rabbit, Peaches
Weapon of Choice: Revolvers, hand guns, rifles, shotguns, knives, wire, and brass knuckles, if need be.


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