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I get judged because I enjoy RP with Originals? Anyone else in this situation?

Post your OC here~!!!!!!!!!!

Or create one:

Physical Features:
Casual Clothing:
Weapon of Choice:

Anyone into cosplay????

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I made this character to do a story RP with a friend of mine, and she also created her own character. I thought OC's were normal!

Name: Myojin
Setting: Fantasy Adventure
Occupation: Adventurer
Physical Features: See description in link
Relations: Unknown parents. Shadow Companion. On/Off again boyfriend
Age: 20
Personality: Sarcastic goofball. Tries to be smooth but always fails.
Gender: Male
Casual Clothing: Leather Armor
Sexuality: Gay (this was not originally planned, but I made this decision after the story got started)
Hobbies: Killing bad guys. Taking showers (he's a neat freak. Always has some soap on him)
Nickname(s): Myo
Weapon of Choice: Dual-wielding daggers

Full description and background can be found in the link! What do you think?


I love your character!!! Email me; we can RP in private?

My favourite character:

Name: Lacey Kirkland-Jones 
Occupation: none
Physical Features: Pale, long dark hair, green eyes, light freckles, long, thin nose, 5'6",
Relations: Arthur Kirkland (Father) Alfred Jones (Dad)
Age: 14
Personality: Rude, carefree, fearless,
Gender: Female
Casual Clothing: Black combat boots, striped tights, jean shorts, black tshirt, black lace choker, leather jacket
Sexuality: Unknown
Hobbies: Writing music, angering her Dads,
Nickname(s): Lace, Batgirl.

I think she's a lesbian???
Not sure yet tho.

She's a 2P Hetalia Character; USUK child

If you don't know what Hetalia is, look it up or I can use a different character!

Email me! harperaddams@gmail.com

     Hey, Kistune! I love your character. Hit me up:

Twitter: @HarperTheNerd

Wattpad: @HarperTheNerdQueen

Email: harperaddams@gmail.com

we could write something awesome, I bet.

I have a "Codename: Kids Next Door" OC that I enjoy roleplaying with.

Name: Kathleen Lloyd
Occupation: Deciphering Operative for the KND, turned traitor.
Physical Features: Long brown hair, brown eyes, noticeable eyelashes, 5 ft 7.
Relations: Sector GLF, Star (Resau'urdusn), Trip, Chris, Numbuh 824c
Age: 18
Personality: She began very collected and calm but as her time as a traitor went on she became more ruthless and reckless, often either yelling at or sassing back other operatives she felt were trying to capture her.
Gender: Transgender girl
Casual Clothing: A magician-esque outfit. Top hat, blue-white dotted tie, blue-orange striped waistcoat, dark purple jacket and light purple skirt with black tights and dark brown boots
Sexuality: She has no clue and would rather try not to be working it out when she's on the run from the entire KND
Hobbies: Magic, card games, dancing, decoding things
Nickname(s): Kath, Kathy, Numbuh Crackships, Traitor,
Weapon of Choice: a K.N.D. 2x4 tech S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.
I Have 4
Name: Skylar
Occupation:Magic warrior
Physical Features: illl have Pictures
Relations: no known parents Loves Echo and thunder
Age: 14
Personality: nice kind shy sweet mean if provoked
Gender: F
Casual Clothing: In pics
Sexuality: not gay
Hobbies: Training with echo and thunder
Nickname(s): Sky the horse whisperer
Weapon of Choice: a big big sword

Image result for girl warrior

Name: Echo
Occupation: Sky's War horse
Physical Features: Pic!
Relations: Sky's horse
Age: 3
Personality: Nice one person horse
Gender: M
Casual Clothing: Pic
Sexuality: None hes a gelding (not breedable)
Hobbies: War
Nickname(s): Echy
Weapon of Choice: Charging

Image result for white horse drawing

Name: Thunder
Occupation: Sky's wolf
Physical Features: pic
Relations: Sky's wolf
Age: 2
Personality: Mean
Gender: M
Casual Clothing: pic
Sexuality: None
Hobbies: War
Nickname(s): Thud
Weapon of Choice: Teeth

Name: Chase
Occupation: Magic warrior
Physical Features: pic
Relations: likes Sky
Age: 14
Personality: Nice shy mean if provoked
Gender: M
Casual Clothing: pic
Sexuality: not gay
Hobbies: Fighting
Nickname(s): Chase
Weapon of Choice: Knives

Name: Angelica  She has no known last name
Occupation: Time traveler
Physical Features: Grey hair green eyes and grey feathered wings
Relations: Mom is Queen Angelica the first of England, Dad is the Doctor (YEAH WHOVIANS!)
Age: 154
Personality: Normally happy-go-lucky but you do NOT want to cross her
Gender: Female? If you can call an alien hybrid a girl
Casual Clothing: T-shirt that says "Mommy's Little Angel" and jeans
Sexuality: She's an alien hybrid interested in other alien hybrid boys
Hobbies: Killing aliens
Nickname(s): Angel (If you call her Angelica she will kill you)
Weapon of Choice: Double swords, one of dalekaneum and the other of gold
Name: Vanessa Thorne
Occupation: Archer/Swords-woman
Physical Features: Tall, Beautiful, Long black hair, Red eyes, Pale
Relations: Committed boyfriend
Age: 16
Personality: Emo
Gender: Female
Casual Clothing: Black leather jacket, Black skinny jeans, Black combat boots, Chain necklace
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hobbies: Music, Writing, Reading, Wrestling
Nickname(s): Van
Weapon of Choice: Bow/Longsword
Name: Elizabeth Schuyler
Occupation: Mother
Physical Features: in pic
Relations: none known
Age: 27
Personality: sweet, trusting, kind
Gender: Female
Casual Clothing: in pic
Sexuality: not gay
Hobbies: drawing, cooking
Nickname(s): Eliza,Betsy,Liza
Weapon of Choice: a flame
Name: Kanin Weiss
Occupation: Hitman
Physical Features: 6”1’, athletic build, pale skin, blue eyes, and white hair, kept in a ponytail
Relations: Rulio - boyfriend
Age: ???
Personality: Snarky, but can be quite short tempered and serious when need be. Usually a jokester and fun to be around, however.
Gender: Cis male
Casual Clothing: If he’s not in his usual navy pinstripe suit and red tie, he’ll be in any t-shirt he likes and a pair of jeans.
Sexuality: Pan
Hobbies: Archery, board and card games, and adventure
Nickname(s): Rabbit, White Rabbit, Peaches
Weapon of Choice: Revolvers, hand guns, rifles, shotguns, knives, wire, and brass knuckles, if need be.


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