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Hey! I was wondering if any of you Mythical Beasts live in the UK like me! If you do, post here and say a little bit about where you're from! 

I'm from Newcastle, the land of the "Geordies" (our local dialect). I'm not a Geordie myself, but I find it much easier to understand the dialect than my friend does, who's from North Yorkshire... Strange, I didn't think people would have a problem understanding it, but there you go! :P

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I am from the UK, but currently living in California! I am from Birmingham, but I don't have that Brummie accent! haha :)

I live in Leicester I really want to move to the us!

I live in the UK, I live in Dudley =)

I live in Scotland, near Dundee. I have a pretty strong accent, and I guess I do have a tendency to type like I speak, I have to censor myself sometimes!

I live in the UK, Northern Ireland, where they film a lot of Game of Thrones :)

I live in the UK in Angus too be more specific 

Here is the current list of MBrits and other UK dwellers taken from The International Mythical Beast Mapping Project .  I'm certain there are hundreds more in the kommunity who just haven't posted on this group yet. 

UK is the second most populous kommunity group outside the U.S.A. that has been mapped with 183 members, followed by the Kanadiens at 141




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Awesome! Thanks Gumbo!

I was born in Oxford, but have lived in Plymouth since I was 5.  I am constantly told I have a 'posh' accent.  I guess I do compared to people with Plymouth's 'Janner' accent!

I'm from Liverpool , England .

Hiya I live in the UK, England. The North West


I live in UK I live in Harlow


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