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According to WorldAtlas.com there are 194 recognized countries of the world   - - - the larger countries can be further broken down by state, region or territory, but it is just not possible to scale this project down to include everyone's exact city, village or neighborhood.  Overall there are about 330 possible pin locations, but only those where MB's are known to exist through their posting to these pages will have a pin showing on the map.  Sorry about that, Andorra.


If you have posted your place of domicile in the Rhett&Link Fans International  discussion thread you are already on the map. But, if perchance I missed you, just leave a message for me here. 


CLICK HERE or on the picture below to re-direct to BatchGeo and once there you can:

  • locate yourself and your neighbors around the world
  • see who lives near me in Texas, USA 
  • drop in and say hello to Czar-li23 (drelf/Z-yoda) [a.k.a. Eric Leach] at his place of exile - - >                   recently relocated from  one of the most desolate locales on this planet  ( 57°35′46.6″N  / 13°41′14.3″W ) to the haunted Amargosa Opera House
  • visit with Moosepig as he protects the harbour and then grab some lunch just down the way at Fat Tony's
  • enjoy a nice bike ride through the Danish countryside with MBs Sidsel (TimelordVerginix) and Cecilie (Gople-Boble) (a.k.a. Sid & Sille)
  • take a tour of the Secret Beast Base (SBB) hidden underground in the middle of the world's largest desert (and that's probably not where you think it is)
  • drive up to the front door of  THE KAVE  (original mythical beast world headquarters) located in beautiful downtown Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA
  • the ultra-secret location of the BAT CAVE is finally revealed (if you can find it)


The BatchGeo interactive mapping tool allows you to choose between regular street map, terrain or a satellite image.  You can also use Google Map's Street View in select areas of the world and take a virtual driving tour. Just double click anywhere on the globe to enlarge / zoom and then drag the mouse to move from place to place.




Notes - -

  1. The mapping service drops the locator pin near the geographic center of a country or state, so don't be upset if it shows that you live on a mountain top or in the middle of a swamp. Come to think of it . . . isn't that even more mythical?
  2. MB names are generally placed in no particular order, although if you are a regular contributor and/or active KommChat member you might possibly rate a top billing.
  3. The name that leads the list for the various U.S. states is generally the member who started that state's discussion line in the Great American Road Trip group.
  4. For areas where several map pins are clumped together,  just zoom in to separate the pins in that region.
  5. Last map update:   Tuesday 15-Jan-2019 ~ @ 01:00 PM Kavetime
  6. Pins on the map:    196  (including 14 specials you'll have to search out yourself)
  7. # MBs listed:          2,410   

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Replies to This Discussion

yayness! that's awesome gumbo!
Can I replace Mickey Mouse? XD
that's a good idea :)
yeeey i'm on the map :D
Hey Gumb, You put me in the wrong province. I`m in Alberta. Right next door to BC.


Mack (Alrokabeesk) said:

Hey Gumb, You put me in the wrong province. I`m in Alberta. Right next door to BC.
On the map too! Uruguay present! Thanks Gumbo! =)))
This is great! Thanks :)
So glad that you ended up doing this and not me Gumbo. I'd never have been as quick or thorough - good work!
YAY! I replaced Mickey Mouse! *score*
Genious, the community will finnaly have THE map!!
Great job Gumbo! Thanks for including me in the NC bunch!


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