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Konrad H (Dybuk) had a really good idea!

Let's see how many languages we can list for the saying:


Once enough languages have been contributed, I'll probably compile them into a GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING banner similar to the WELCOME banner used to greet new members . . .

Only one rule - - ->


All submissions must come from a Kommunity member who is fluent in their respective "mother tongue".

  1. English - - Good Mythical Morning
  2. Polish - - Dobry Mityczny Poranek
  3. Swedish - - God Mytisk Morgon
  4. German - - Guten Mystischen Morgen
  5. Spanish - -  Buenos Míticos Días 
  6. Finnish - - Hyvää Myyttistä Aamua
  7. Hungarian - - Jó Mitikus Reggelt
  8. Turkish - - İyi Efsanevi Sabahlar
  9. Japanese - - Shinwa no Ohayou - -  神話 のおはよう
  10. Welsh - - Bore Chwedlonol Da
  11. Serbian - - Dobro Mitsko Jutro
  12. Persian - - بامداد افسانه مانند شما نیک باد
  13. Afrikaans - - Goeie Mitiese Môre 
  14. Arabic - - صباح الخير الاسطوري
  15. French - - Bonne Matinée Mythique!
  16. Portuguese - - Bom Dia Mítico!
  17. Ukrainian - - добрий міфічний ранок
  18. Filipino - - Magandang Mitolohikang Umaga!
  19. Irish - - Maidin Mhiotasach Mhaith
  20. Scottish - - Guid meith morn!
  21. Russian - - Доброе Мифическое Утро!
  22. Lithuanian - - Labo Mitinio Ryto!
  23. Dutch/Flemish - - Goede mythische morgen!
  24. Tamil - - நல்ல புராணகரமான காலை 
  25. Norwegian - - God mystisk morgen
  26. Chinese (simplified) - - 怪兽野兽的 早上好
  27. Slovenian - - Dobro Mitično Jutro
  28. Czech - - Dobré mýtické ráno
  29. Estonian - - Head Müütiline Hommikut!
  30. Greek - - Καλό Μυθικό Πρωί!
  31. Italian - - Buon mitico giorno
  32. Thai - - สวัสดี ยามเช้า ในตำนาน
  33. Telagu - - మంచి పౌరాణిక ఉదయం 
  34. Galician - - Bo mítico día!
  35. Belarusian - - добрае міфічная раніцу

Thank you all for your contributions!


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Replies to This Discussion

God mytisk morgon! :D Swedish

Guten mystischen Morgen ;) German

Hyvää Myyttistä Aamua (Finnish)

Guete mystische morge Swiss German

In japanese "Shinwa no Ohayou"

something tells me that you may not, in fact, be Japanese or from/living in Japan

Born in japan, but been livin in Ecuador for a long time.

Okay then, it's official!!!  By the way,  do you (or perhaps a relative) have any idea if the following from Bing Translator tool is accurate or not?


The bolded characters here -- おはようございます神話 -- are just a more formal way of Friederike's "Ohayou" (adding a "gozaimasu" as the underlined/italicized part). For the two non-bolded non-hirigana characters at the end, my extremely limited knowledge can't help!

The japanese order of words its diferent to english. sorry I cant elaborate more, english is not my main language.

but to shorten, it is not correct. because the order is wrong and the meaning is not right

I'm currently studying Japanese in college. I'm only in my second semester of it, so my knowledge is still very limited. 

I think I understand what Friederike is saying about why おはようございます神話 (ohayou gozaimasu shinwa) is wrong. If I'm correct, ます (masu) signals the ending of the sentence. Since おはようございます ends in masu, it must come at the end of the sentence. Since 神話 (shinwa) comes after ます (masu) it has nothing to connect the ideas of "Good Morning" and "Mythical." 

 ... at least that's my current understanding of it. I could be way off. (Yes, I'm hedging.)

Thanks all.  Anybody got an idea of the proper way to express this in Japanese characters?


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