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What about yours?

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I have a hard time picking favorites for anything, but Oshuatt and it's evolved forms have to be in there somewhere.

My favorite Pokemon is Latias. 

Yea, I like Latias too.
Charmandar was my first

Marshtomp. It has the best of both Mudkip and Swampert. It is cute like Mudkip and has the weakness only to Grass because of its Water- and Ground-typing, like Swampert.

I'm more of a first gen fan, and my favourite all time pokemon is Eevee!

It's cute as fuck and you have endless evolving possibilities :)

I adore cyndaquil but charmander is my pal and blazikin was my first.
too many choices!!!!!
Scizor or Torterra.. All grass and steel types are awesome.

Pimplump or impolion 

My favorite pokemon is Laprus 


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