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Ive tried soooo hard, lets see if you Mythical beasts can come up with ideas!

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My best bet is talk to the teacher. I don't think there is nothing else you have to do. It depends on the teacher:) I could be wrong. 

Its hard... All my friends and me have tried.. She keeps saying maybe tomorrow, or maybe next week. I guess i will wait. I want to tell more people about GMM and this is how i plan to do it (And so i can watch it too :D)

I'm sorry but if you can't spell "persuade" maybe you should actually be paying attention in school instead of watching videos.

hey sheesh. This is the world. I dont care. I get 80% to 100% on my tests. Its the end of the school year. We already had our tests and we are just watching movies and hanging out for the most part.

I think it is mainly high schools that the teachers actually do that not grade school so if you are in 8th and below then you are out of luck. But if you are in high school then I would just ask the teacher

D: im in 8th grade and she just wont let us.... oh well... (that means i will find a way)

I watch GMM on my IPod at lunch every day, and I get through the main episode and about half of the GMMore, depending on how long it is, and the rest I just watch at home.
It's kind of late to join in on this convo but I definitely think you could convince them to watch their "science" episodes or the original episodes where they talked about current events


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