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Location:            Fabyan Forest Preserve - - Shelter #4 across from the Windmill

Address:             1500 Crissey Ave., Geneva, IL 60134

Website:             http://kaneforest.com/fp/fabyan.aspx

Your Host:         Paulette Panzer

Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/451302778574118

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The page header and MythiCon 2017 mapping tool are now updated with your gathering site selection.


Updated the street address in the page header and mapping tool now that I was able to locate the WINDMILL and pinpoint your pavilion within the park.  The previous address listed was likely for the park office across the river.

Yeah double click on the GENEVA, IL map pin and you should see a close-up of the location.  Drop into "street view" and you can see both your pavilion and the windmill.

Can't wait! I actually live in Geneva, so this will be perfect for me!

Woot! I can not wait! 

So much to talk about this year!

     Buddy System 2, The tour, The book, EB, This is Mythical. GMS, GMM, 

and so much more.

It will be AWESOME!

Can't wait! I actually live in Geneva, so this will be perfect for me!

Here is a "color it yourself" version of Corey's original artwork, before he added the flags for this year's MythiCon 2017 poster.  His inspiration came from this ending scene in Back To The Future II where the flag banners fall from the sky after Doc Brown's departure from Hill Valley 1955 headed 70 years back to the Old West 1885 . . .

P.S. - - if you or other MythiCon Hosts would like to supply an opportunity for gathering attendees to COLOR A MYTHICAL BEAST for themselves . . . R&L Kommunity Koloring Book


You could always do these too (happy that my work inspired your meetup!)



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