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Last year we threw out a challenge

and many MythiCon 2016 event hosts

included this in their local program.

MC-Dallas set the mark!

Gumbo's Book of Komm Records


Do we continue the MB Handshake challenge to see if anyone can top the current record? or, do we come up with a new challenge for MythiCon 2017?  or both?

Soliciting your suggestions, please comment below.

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It's not really a challenge, more of an activity.
G husband and I both play the ukulele so were going to learn some rhett and link songs and post the chords and lyricsfor any other musicians to learn so we can do a sing along
*my husband not G haha

I like the idea of having a continued challenge, and I can't wait to beat my hometowns previous record of 6 shakers at this mythicon!


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