Home of Rhett & Link fans - the Mythical Beasts!

Location:         TBD - - - pending discussion of host and guests

Address:          TBD - - - Detroit, Michigan

Website:           TBD

Your Host:       Ray Carlos (Igneous Tuto Nyctea)


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Here are the 2 possible meeting sites as proposed by your host, Marzia  . . . they're only a mile apart and both in the Detroit metro area.


Is this still going to happen? If so, I vote for Partridge Creek. I think it'll be cool to meet there. 

I live in the Metro-Detroit area, and I would be there in a heartbeat! Let's make this happen!

Any more info on if this is happening? :)

So is this a go I would like to go

Its August! Updates??

Seriously, ANYTHING???

Sorry, but the proposed host has gone MIA . . . tried several times to contact but no reply

Is anyone going to step up and take over to revive this meeting?

What is everyone's location in the Detroit metro area? We would be willing to co-host again this year but we live downriver in Woodhaven and would need to find a place closer down this way. It is too short of time to host anything spectacular but we have our props still from last year.

Several of my friends and I are all in the downriver area! 


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