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I live in South Carolina and I don't see a host for my state. Would someone ether like to join with me in hosting our state, or hosting and then inviting me?
I know I can't be the only one wanting to not be left out on this fun journey, but their sate isn't being represented yet.
Please help a mother of two not be left out.

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HEY!  I left you some info in a comment on your wall about hosting a local event. 

By the power vested in me by the R&L Kommuntity members, I hereby name you as host for MythiCon-SC! Don't worry about this, it's not rocket science.  The whole idea for MythiCon was thought up by two 13-year old girls, they just never dreamed it would grow into an international event.  Charleston is a great spot for a mythical beast get together and, even if nobody else shows up on that day, you and the kids could enjoy a mythical good time. 

I have definitely seen some interest in a SC event, and some have even posted on the Concord, NC or the Atlanta, GA event pages that they will probably drive the distance if no SC event happened.

As MythiCon 2015 coordinator, I'm going to close this thread to further comments and direct all interested to reply at the new event page linked below.

P.S. - - if you don't see the messages on your profile page wall, that's because your SETTINGS are currently requiring that you approve all comments before they post.


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