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Location:       College Station, TX

Address:        ??? to be determined

Website:        ??? to be determined

Your Host:    Nicole (Epischen Flamme)

Location:       San Angelo, TX

Address:        ??? to be determined

Website:        ??? to be determined

Your Host:    Seth



Due to the sheer size of Texas, multiple meeting locations are possible in


if there is enough interest and site hosts to manage the parties

Map of Texas

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I know that I MOST DEFINITELY can't host, but can someone PLEASE make one in/near Dallas? I live in the DFW area and I have never experienced MythiCon before, but I really want to see what it's like and meet other Mythical Beasts. 

Dude same!

I would love to see this in San Antonio my parents wont allow me out unless there near :P hope to see it

Please do Dallas!
I will HELP the host if someone steps in for DFW.
I've never been before so I'm not experienced, and with a full time job I'm not sure I can handle the full responsibility but I definitely have some good ideas and can contribute to the fun.
Another vote for Dallas here! (Unfortunately I can't offer to host either) But as luck would have it, my 10 yr old daughter and I will be driving there the day before with no need to rush home. We can definitely plan to stay the night so we can go!
I live about 20 mins north of Austin, so my vote goes to Austin if it's possible.

My friend and I have been friends since kindergarten and we have always wanted to meet you guys! Please come to Dallas or somewhere close to that!!!!!! I know i can't host since I only live close enough to drive there.

My vote would be either Austin or San Antonio because I live in Austin and San Antonio is pretty close. I feel like we should do one there because Austin and San Antonio is central of Texas so it would make most logical sense to host them there. Anyway see yall there!!
So let's do the one in college station at Bee Creek Park. Or another place like that. If we don't know where it's gonna be then people can't plan we need to know.
Bee creek Park is good for me!

Well the months ago that I posted about a meet up in Texas I hoped for a big turn out from multiple cities since we're pretty central.  (I mean, I'd drive to Austin for this if it was big enough.)  I didn't hear from anyone in forever so I stopped planning........  soooooo, where do we pick up?  I'm up for a group planning.  Ya'll can contact me personally on fb-- https://www.facebook.com/nicoledelasandro.  Luckily I still probably have that Saturday off work.


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