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NOTE:  Effective July 1, 2014 the Michigan meeting thread was split between Upper and Lower Penninsula discussion threads.  If you are a YOOPER from the UP and not a TROLL (living below the bridge), then you should go HERE

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Any michigan beasts?

I am



I am! Northern-Western MI

Welkomm back Pop-Tart!

Kim (NO - the Average Yodler) is one of the K-mods and she lives in the Detroit area along with several others.  Here's a member roster listing to help you prospect for more attendees this year: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/members/?q=michigan


Also, look for those who commented on the Great American Road Trip discussion Michigan: America's high-five!  and the MB International Mapping project:

Mel (Salerbatis) ••• Dani (Pegasaur) ••• Telly Newman (Dzee -Dzee Bon Da) ••• Brandon Baker (Bakhtak) ••• Andrew (Zombie-Saurus) ••• Rupert A. Waddlesworth ••• Dinah Elizabeth [Dinahsaur] ••• ClaymanV (Cerberus) ••• Joshua Jackson (Chupigjee) ••• Keith Wiley (Elaphe Guttata) ••• Colette Walraven (Pheonix) ••• Rachel B (Lanky Hobbit) •••  Avery Bills (Chronolania) ••• Endy (Cockatrice) ••• Hailey BEASTS! (Flying Tiger) ••• EPIC Pop-Tart (Whawk) ••• minymoe ••• Nick Dance (Manticore) ••• Jerry ( Ruler of Awesomeness) ••• Monica Patzer ••• emma stults(rainbowbunniedragon)


Kim a.k.a.  No (The Average Yodeler) reports that she has (unbeknownst to and not approved by me) up and moved to NEW JERSEY!   (a moment of silence, please).  But she is still willing to help in site selection and planning for the Michigan meetup if she can.  Contact her directly for any assistance she can give.

Can you round up all the people in the Upper Peninsula? Cause I looked at all of them and they are all in the Lower Peninsula

Thank you! Is there any other ways to get to more people faster? I've been commenting on some peoples pages but yeah some of their last posts were 5 years ago... And I would be interested in hosting! It is still in consideration because it is in 4 months.

Hello! I am new to this whole thing, but I am from the Metro Detroit area and I am interested in attending!

The map says there's going to be a meet up at the river town crossings mall... What's going on with that?

@ KaCee - - "Pop-Tart" is in charge of coordinating the Michigan event, but I believe she is waiting for more mythical beasts in the area to discuss where it will be before deciding on a site.  She has made great efforts to get others to chime in and join the MythiCon group, and it looks like those efforts are starting to pay off.  River Town Crossings Mall is where the meeting was in 2013, but I don't know is that is a definite choice yet for this year.


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