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This is a general discussion added to share tips and ideas for the site hosts.

Hopefully, this will help to get some insights from last year's hosts about what worked and what didn't. 


Here also is a quick link back to the inaugural MythiCon event discussions for background and references - - ->

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You might also want to refer to the discussion How to Become a MythiCon Meeting Site Host for some "helpful tips" of how to begin your local meetup and prospect for attendees.

Assuming that the turnout for this year's MythiCon will be much greater than the first event, so I won't be able to create a name badge for every one of the attendees.  But, I do plan to provide one for each of the meeting site hosts, co-hosts and event contributors.

Yay! Looking forward to the badge! That'll be a neat momento. 

YAHOOO!!  A badge! That sound important!

That sounds awesome, badges make it feel a helluva lot more official lol

Attn:  HOSTS

Working on the badges now . . . although I can probably only distribute the "finished product" electronically and not a hard-copy.  As the day approaches, I will have badges made for all the hosts, co-hosts, games coordinators, etc. and will then upload individual pics to an album. 

Each person will have the option to print theirs out (4" x 6") to laminate & wear on a lanyard, or toss it directly into storage file #13, at their choosing.

Awesome, thanks Gumbo!

Hi, this is Grace. I'm hosting the Georgia one. Will I have a badge? Just wondering! ~Grace

Hello Grace - - I see you have changed your komm name from FAITH & GRACE to PEPPER FLOWER . . . I will update the Georgia discussion thread as well as the MythiCon map tool with your new contact name.

I created your personalized host badge a while back in the album MythiCon 2014 - HOST BADGES, but will gladly delete that one and post an update for you later tonight.  Do you want to use your current profile pic?  It won't show much detail due to being shot from a distance.  If you have another pic you would prefer, please post it up when you see this message.

Some brainstorming:  

1. Looking at the 2013 MythiCon link, you see that there was a plan to have participants bring a very small (maybe 2" high) object for the mythical mail boulder. Sounds like it would be fun.

2. Hosts could also buy/make a card for the participants to sign or write a message, and mail that to Rhett & Link. Can be done along with or in lieu of the mail boulder contributions

3. In the interest of keeping the conversation running, one can prepare ice breaker questions. Once, when I knew I'd have a bunch of people over to my house who didn't really know each other, I filled a container with slips of paper with pre-printed questions, and passed it around. Everyone took turns drawing a paper at random and answering the question printed on it. (Some of these included: What is set as the background of your computer? Would you rather be one of King Arthur's Knights, or Robin Hood's Merry Men? What was your nickname growing up? How did you learn to ride a bicycle?) It worked out really well, because it generally caused people to elaborate and tell stories, and other people would chime in with their answers too.  

I love the idea of gathering materials/making a card to mail to R&L. I think taking a group photo and including it in the package would also be a good touch.

I also recall that at least one of the MythiCon groups last year made a GMM intro together, and it was featured in an episode!

This is a great idea. I did this last year with poster board. Also, a great idea for an ice breaker is to do a Rhett and Link/ Mythical themed table talk. Table Talk is something that the Sourcefed channel does. All you need to do is put a bunch of questions in a bowl and everyone answers the question that is drawn from the bowl. Also, there are plenty of games that people can put together, using Rhett and Link's songs or GMM. 


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