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Location:       Destiny USA (f.k.a. Carousel Center)
Address:        9090 Destiny USA Drive, Syracuse, NY 13204
Website:        http://www.destinyusa.com
Your Host:    K-La V. (Landshark)Voorias The Feared 

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Do any of the people who plan on going actually live in Syracuse?

Yes, Mara - - - K-La V and Bri (co-founders of MythiCon) plus some of their friends all live in Syracuse area and attended the inaugural event in 2013. . . how close is that to you on the Cabbage Planet?

Was surprised to see cuse on the list! How was the outcome last year?

Last year we had 8 beasts from  New York show up at the mall! Hopefully this year will be bigger, if we can get the info out.

Im a Geneva folk, so ill definitly try to show up!

Huh - well I'm from Syracuse, so I'll try and go.

I will be there for sure

Hello fellow Ny beasts! I am planning on hosting again this year, along with Bri, if she can come.

I would assume I can come lol

Where exactly is everyone meeting up?

so . . . MythiCon Syracuse - - Yes or No???  did it happen?  got any pics?  what's the deal?

I found last year online - - - what up with 2014?



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