Home of Rhett & Link fans - the Mythical Beasts!

Location:      Mall of America / 3rd Floor Food Court

                      near the Moose Mountain Mini Golf

Address:        8100 24th Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55425

Website:        http://www.mallofamerica.com/shopping/directions

Your Host:    Lynnae Forstner (Mystic Flutterby) 

Minnesota flag

Map of Minnesota

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C'mon Beasts! Who else hails from the Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes? (looks like the map above left a few out...)

Did you go last year?

yes and had a great time meeting other Mythical Beasts. Please come this year!

Hey Corey, Mystic Flutterby here (Lynnae Forstner) from Brainerd.   I am the Host for Minnesota Mythicon 2014. Hope you are coming to St Cloud at the Crossroads Mall.  

Hey! Why cant we do it at the MOA?

For me, I went to Mythicon last year. It was a lot of fun! There were 6 people in total when I went to the one in St. Cloud, and I would LOVE to see a lot more! I dont know what my plans are for the summer yet, but I might be able to help out at the one in MN, wherever that is. (the map is really small) With more planning out, I bet we could get all the locations into one big skype call and make a wheel submission! But I also hope more people can get word of this. Try to tweet, FacBook, Tumblr, Instagram, ect this so more people know and can come! Thats all i had to say for the moment, so Baguettes, OUT!

I would love to see you and your family again in 2014.   Let's get the word out about this year's meet up in St. Cloud.  I big crowd would be so exciting to see.

Hi all, I am the site host for MythiCon 2014!   I hope you are all planning on coming.   We had a great time last year and I would love to see a boatload of Mythical beasts show up in the Land of Lakes this year!  We are doing this in St. Cloud, so it is a more central location for beasts around the state.  I actually live in Brainerd which is north of St. Cloud.  Hoping we can get some people to take more pics and videos this year.  I would love to hear ideas of things to plan and do during our Mythicon.  Please reply with ideas.  My Beast name is Mystic Flutterby, but my real name is Lynnae Forstner.  My whole family are R&L fans and we are also nerds to the core.  Please respond with ideas.  Hope to see you there.

Hey guys, Mystic Flutterby here from Brainerd. I am your host in St Cloud for Mythicon 2014.  Hope to see you all in July.   Wow, the first day of spring and it is 40 degrees here in Brainerd!!!  At least it is not snowing today. I hear that St Cloud got 7 inches this week.  My sister lives in Avon outside of St Cloud.   Hopefully we will have no below zero crap any more.  It has been a long and cold winter and I can't wait for the lakes to de-ice.  Hopefully it will be gone by the fishing opener this year. Not like last year. 

I wish I lived in Florida this weekend so I could meet all the youtubers at Playlist Live!  Would be awesome to actually meet Rhett and Link, Toby, Jack Douglas and all those guys.  

What is going on in your neck of the Northland?  Got ideas for things to do at Mythicon 2014?  Would love to hear from all the Rhett & Link fans  in Minnesota......would love to friend you on Facebook too.  Let's here it from the Land of Lakes!

Where I lived it was like 36 degrees. Its supposed to be 20 degrees this weekend. Man, this is gonna suck! Another reason to go to Playlist Live. To get away from the cold, and also meet Rhett and Link, Toby and the others! That'd be really cool if R&L came to the MN one. Im ranting again, and I honestly dont know if Im gonna be there this year. We moved out of St. Cloud, so i hope we can make the drive up there!

 Gumbo123  long time no talk!  

Hey  in Minnesota I am the site host and we would like to change the location of out meetup to the Mall of America in the Twin Cities!!!  We think we will get a better turnout of Mythical Beasts there!  Would you please update the Map to show the address of the meetup as:

Mall of America

8100 24th Ave S

Bloomington, MN 55425

here is the URL for the directions to get there: http://www.mallofamerica.com/shopping/directions

July 19th at 1:00 Local time   How does the second floor food court area sound?

@ Lynnae ~ Changes made to the location per your request. 

In most cases, one would think that a location this massive would cause confusion with MBs trying to locate your party . . . but after seeing the signage and banners you created for last year's event I don't think the MN attendees will have much of a problem.


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