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Discussion forum for the MythiCon 2014 Planning Kommittee members.

This will remain a "featured" discussion during the planning and set-up stages, but will likely be deleted before the group is opened up to kommunity-wide membership sometime in Feb-2014.

  • What did you learn from the first MythiCon?
  • Any new ideas & suggestions to make MC-2 a better event?

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Note to Kommittee Members:

Only two of the discussion threads that I have pre-loaded have any real content - - -> 

  • This one is for us to brainstorm ideas of how to improve the event.


  • How to Become a MythiCon Meeting Site Host topic can surely use your ideas and input.  I put some of the basic things that potential hosts should consider - - especially those who don't have a vehicle or drivers license and don't even think about clearing it with Mom before going on for weeks about their plans . . . only to have REALITY slap them in the face just days before MC-1.  I think that killed a lot of the momentum last year.


  • Each of the 50 U.S. state discussions and the International discussion are place holders only until the group goes "live" for open membership.  Of course, if you want to host your state / regional meet-up again that is fine to go ahead and claim your spot now!

1st Topic for discussion - - -

What catchy name do we use to refer to the attendees? 

Last year at the end whenever I offered to prepare badges for everyone, I chose the titles HOST and DELEGATE but that can certainly be changed.

The attendees?

Mythical Beasts..?

Delegate could be changed. I was sort of confused because I thought delegate meant something different than attendee. I don't have any ideas for replacements though :/

When I picked that word I was thinking like a delegate to a political convention, representing those of us who could not attend.



  1. representative or deputy: somebody who is chosen to represent or given the authority to act on behalf of another person, group, or organization, e.g. at a meeting or conference

This is the message I am posting to anyone who didn't attend or host in 2013 - - - >


@ (insert MB name here)  - saw your request to join the MythiCon 2014 group.

At present, the group is only open to meeting site hosts for the planning stages.  If you are interested in hosting a local / regional meet-up first please review how the MythiCon 2013 event was done and then send me a message on my wall page.  The group will be opened to general membership and meet-up attendees (besides the hosts) in Feb-2014 about 6 months before the MythiCon 2014 date.

MythiCon 2013

Proposed Promotional Poster - - -

What do you think?

Gumbo I know you're quite the photoshopped, so I have a challenge for a poster.

Could you make one that was like the Gmm logo with the fire and Cockatrice but make it say "Mythicon 2014" instead of GMM?

I'm not very handy at free-hand graphics, so here's what I can do with my limited fonts and a blank one if you want to try and draw it in.



Thanks, Gumbo.

That's pretty neat.

This is what I did with the blank one. You should post that as a photo on here, that's really helpful for people who can't photoshop at all or well. The mountains and trees I made are kind of whack,  but thanks to you posting a blank one, I can retry later. Thanks.

@ Marcus - - here's another from a screen capture off the opening of Good Mythical More

I still plan to use the BatchGeo mapping tool unless someone else can come up with a more effective method to consolidate the meeting site details.  Also, this simplified map could be of use to us in the planning stages just to track the covered states / provinces.  If you all agree, I'll add it to the header of this kommittee discussion page  . . .


Proposed sites & hosts thus far:

New York (Syracuse area) - - K-La V. (LANDSHARK) & Bri (Master Commander)

California (LA area) - -Rachel (Nezulupantro) &  Just Justine (Winged Centaur)

Massachusetts (Boston) - - Marcus Bean 2.0

Washington ( Seattle area) - - Alexandra (Effulgent Alicorn)

Ontario CAN ( Toronto area) - - Erin McMythical (EMc2)


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