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No, not BEST pony, FAVORITE pony. We don't want to start a massive argument, now do we? No we don't. I want to hear your opinion though, so please tell me. /)^3^(\

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I like my OC the best.

Twilight Sparkle - WIN!!! :)

Just so you know, it can be ANY pony, not just a fandom favorite or a real on-the-show pony, it can even be a pony you have created, I chose my OC because she is awesome. Her colors are like Snails's but a darker brown, and her mane looks like Twilights bed head from the episode where they get "cursed" by Zecora. She is also an Alicorn. Named Blizardstar. About half of the things I create are named Blizardstar. I'm VERY creative. ;P

RAINBOW DASH...she makes everything 20% cooler.

Well out of mane six? Definitely Pinkie Pie. She is so silly and, well, RANDOM! But of the background ponies? Doctor Whooves! Because he is a crossover of my 2 favorite shows! Doctor Who and My Little Pony!

um....i cant decide between two ponies. Pinkie Pie because she always makes me laugh but I also like Princess Luna because then the fun would be doubled 


Really though, I am taking the cop-out answer and saying I cant pick one. After reading so many real reasons, I like all of them equally. But maybe Fluttershy a little more equally.

I really like Derpy and Cadence too.

Though I'm most like Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy is my person favorite because she is kind to everybody and just the right amount of timid. Unlike R.D., I don't get angry at people for fright or timidity, so it doesn't bother me at all. I also love animals and love what they did with her whole life in general.

I like Applejack, not really sure why; she was the one that got my attention in the pilot.

But I have so many favorite ponies O_O

Out of the Mane Six, Rarity is my favorite. My favorite background pony is Derpy Hooves, and my favorite secondary character is Princess Luna. Lol so many ponies ^_^ And my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader is ALL OF THEM. They're adorable. 

Pinkie Pie


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