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I remember I was at a playground when I was like 6 or something playin on a giant dinosaur and I just could not find my mom for the life of me, i tell ya. it was like i entered into another dimension. Anyway, I was found by another lady and she's been my mom for the past 15 years. thanks new mom, no longer lost. I think the TV show LOST really encapsulatured the feeling of being LOST like I was.

In conclusion, I believe my essay shows the connections between a heartfelt and sentimental story of my childhood past to a mainstream local epic phenomenon that caught the world by storm for ten years and was a crazy tv show and thank you. In conclusion that was my essay about lost and my lost story thank you.goodbye

So when were YOU the most lost? Say it now down in the comments section in this discussion post! I would love to hear your stories about when you were lost and how that story relates to the TV show LOST when they are all stuck on that stupid island! Hahahahahahahahahaha.

I remember I was at a playgtrounf whenIw as like 6 or someithngplainaomnginat

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