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I'm Matt Dufilho in Lubbock, Texas. I do internal, web, and commercial production for University Medical Center, video production for Gone Virtual Studios, and post the occasional YouTube video.

Here are some links to my work websites and my YouTube page.


Looking forward to hearing from other members. Let us know who you are and what you do.

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I'm Julia Starr and I live in the lovely city of Manchester New Hampshire.

I don't have a job persay in the movie making industry I do sometime make movies with my friends and my sister, on our digital camera (No camcorder atm looking into getting one though)

I have a YouTube but I don't have anything on it currently (I will soon have a CBE entry though!)

Hey guys. Ben Burton, here, from Northern Virginia. I am also not a professional videographer. By day, I work in sales for a small Korean software company that specializes in business process management. When it comes to making videos, I'm definitely a weekend warrior kinda guy, although with four small kids, sometimes it's not even that often...

Here's my Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/cuajitoamericano

I also like to write dumb songs and create the occasional remix, most of which can be found here: http://ccmixter.org/people/cuajitoben
i make videos once in a while for fun. lately its been converting stuff like movie trailers into lego versions, but i dont have a youtube channel
I am currently working on a movie trailer based on my series of short stories.
Currently pursuing a degree in Media learning how to capture, edit, and publish. My department is in charge of the media PR for our school. Lesson to be learned there, always back up the schools B-roll in more than one location. Oh the joys. (Thankfully it wasn't my fault ;)
I'm David Johnson from Austin, Texas. I make videos as a hobby. I mostly film events related to my other hobbies.

This is my youtube channel.

I just edit for bobbyssox. He travels for his work and keeps a vlog of his adventures.
I mostly do videos for the company I work for. The two "biggest" videos I did were for the New Brunswick Latino Assosiation in partnership with Canadian Heritage. there will probably be much better videos to come though.
Update: I have one now.

John Stratman (Johnny Moblin) said:
i make videos once in a while for fun. lately its been converting stuff like movie trailers into lego versions, but i dont have a youtube channel
I'm Stoney from Clarksville, Missouri. I'm just starting college this coming semester and don't have any real experience in film productions, except I took a video editing course in highschool. I enjoy making videos on youtube, but with my busy schedule they are few and far between. I would love to direct skits, but live 40 minutes if not farther from all my friends, so it's difficult to get people together. You can check out my youtube channel here http://youtube.com/TheStonege I only have a few videos up on there because it's my second channel. I'm dropping my old one and starting afresh.
I am a young teenager with the hopes of one day working in cinema. I have a very nice camera but I've been in the mud about finding the correct software. I think I may have finally got it so I will see where this goes. http://www.youtube.com/users/lampsunited
Hey everyone, I'm Alan Davidson and I am an indie short film producer in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I basically have to be a jack of all trades for my company to run.

Here's some links to a couple videos of mine:

Guns and zombies!

Trailer for "The Diviners"

Something to make you cry...

Greetings! Carlie here from a small town in Ohio. I am a young, aspiring director hoping to land a career in Hollywood someday, but for now I'm just making videos for school projects and to goof off with friends. I love camera work, and my career plan B (as Link would say) is to be on a camera crew for documentary film makers. Regardless of what career I end up in, as long as it involves a video camera I'm all for it!


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