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Hi Everyone,

Please feel free to delete this if its not allowed

I'm in need of an experienced youtube editor and I thought what better place to look than within my fellow mythical beasts. 

I'm starting a youtube channel based on a very serious subject which will be shared with those seriously interested. It will be supported by 3 large UK charities who I'll be promoting regularly along with other youtubers including Rhett and Link of course.

Each webisode will be 10-12 minutes long and I'm just looking for someone to help with simple edits and put links etc on screen. I plan to release one webisode a week and have enough material to last a year so far.

This is for a charitable cause so pay will not happen straight away but if it proves popular and we get enough promotion from the charities hopefully subscribers will grow and as youtube start paying out you will of course receive a salary at that time.

I'm very passionate about this project and hope to find someone equally as interested the only reason details aren't being shared openly yet is because the legalities of working with the charities haven't been finalised yet and I don't want to jinx things lol. 

so please if you're really interested and are willing to work on a long part term project get in touch.

Thanks for your time


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