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Does anyone have any current projects, large or small that they are working on?


Right now I am editing a documentary (as of yet untitled) about differing views on the paranormal and am in pre-production for an "art" film called "The Curious and the Shy" which is the telling of an almost love story.


So, tell us about what you're working on!

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my friend James and I are making a video for youtube tomorrow. we went out and bought supplies today. all i can say is that it involves a funeral and a phone. it should be fun. which is the whole point. and to make people laugh.

i am doing a video for the hunger games. and i do a web show called TimeTravel101studios. we teach theoretical physics. but we have a lack of videos from differing schedules. but we are making a time travel movie type thing.

I'm always doing work projects.  Haven't done one of my own (for fun) in quite some time.

No worries, your time will come :)

Just finished being an announcement team member for my middle school.
In fact me and my friend joined with inspiration from GMM.

Awesome :)


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