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1 gal. jar sliced hamburger dill pickles
1 peeled and sliced whole clove fresh garlic
4 lb. bag of sugar
Louisiana hot pepper sauce (TABASCO)

Drain all juice from the pickles and place into a large bowl, layering with sugar and sliced garlic, and sprinkling with hot sauce until all are used. Cover and set on counter top. After 2-3 hours, the sugar will be dissolved. Stir well, and place back into the pickle jar. Refrigerate at least overnight to allow flavors to blend.
I made these for a picnic that I attended today, but I used a small jar of dill sandwich pickle slices (the ones that are whole pickles that have been sliced long ways.) I guessed on proportions, but in the end, they were delicious! I'm not a big fan of hot, but I used enough Tabasco to pack a wallop. After the whole mess sat for the night, the flavors blended so nicely. The first taste is sweet with sour, but then the Tabasco kicks in for a nice punch. I tried this on a whim. Now I have to give out the recipe to a bunch of people. Thanks Gumbo! :)


 5 lbs. sugar

2 oz. vanilla extract

2 oz. almond extract

4 cups water



Mix 4 cups water with sugar in a large saucepan or Dutch oven bringing to a boil. Stir frequently until sugar is completely dissolved. Add the extracts and mix thoroughly. Remove from heat and cool. As it cools, it will turn into a syrup. This concentrate will keep well in a freezer.



Add 1 cup of the concentrate (syrup) to 1 bottle (2 liter) of ginger ale. Add ice to punch bowl.


Serves 180 - 4 oz servings

             120 - 6 oz servings


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