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  • Two raw patties of beef (Use the horse parts that IKEA factories don't want if you can't get your hands on a beef patty.) 
  • Three, freshly baked sesame buns.
  • Droppings from a blue Whawk.

  • Iceberg lettuce from the forest of forgotten dreams.
  • Pickles, regular pickles.
  • Onions, (McDonalds rarely puts enough on their Big Macs, usually causes vandalism, so put extra on yours).
  • Cheddar cheese made from the milk of a Chiasquatch.
  • Kraft Mac&Cheese*


Put the horse/beef/corpse patty on a bun, then put a slice of cheese on top of the patty. Melt the cheese with a blowtorch, and stick onions and lettuce into the melting cheddar.

Does the cheese look disgusting and ugly? Good! Pile Mac&Cheese by Kraft® on it.

Then, slowly slice a bun into thirds, eat 2/3s and put the third left on top of the macaroni.

Add your second beef/horse/corpse patty on top of the bread, use the same cheese, onion, lettuce and macaroni mixture.  

Put another bun on top of that.

BAM you've created the breakfast of champions.


*Sponsored by Kraft

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